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Why Clubify

Social media: Blocked Accounts, Censorship, Low Reach to your Audience

You have probably heard it on the news, or heard it from your favourite influencer. Freedom of speech should not be stifled yet it’s becoming more and more prevalent on social media platforms. Also, you don’t truly own your community on social media. We know of influencers who have accounts as large as 27 million followers, 500,000 and 250,000 followers get blocked because they violated the ‘Terms of Service’ (in fact they are great people just voicing their opinions). P.S. Have you seen the ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix?

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Clubify – a patented system that works for us, not against us.

Be free to voice your opinion. You worked hard to build up your community – shouldn’t you own it? With Clubify will own your data and your community. We are not ‘out there’ to block your accounts. This is why we filed patents in 2014 so you can build standalone communities that you truly own.

Why Clubify?

Your App in a Day.

That’s right – we deliver your app in a day when we get your app logo and background image. Your app becomes a one-stop shop for your community to shop, mingle via chatrooms + video, and have fun.

Reach Audience

Get up to 100% Reach to Your Community.

On social media, you only get up to 5% organic reach to your
audience. With Clubify, you’ll get up to 100% reach. You can send an SMS to your clients, pushnotifications, social posts all from a click of a button. That’s right – your audience can text your App Community Number.

Sell Your Course

Sell Courses, Memberships and Events

Sell courses, memberships, videos, events and merchandise via your own branded community. Have your members pay via PayPal, Stripe and/or In-App Purchases. And you’ll be able to track your progress via your own dashboard.

Data Own

Own Your Data and Keep it Secure.

We will keep your audience’s data safe and not sell it to third parties or for advertising. In fact, we show you how to monetize it for your community’s benefit. We take privacy and security very seriously. After all, you worked hard for your copyrights and IP… at Clubify we value that as we also own patents.

See why millions of people are joining Clubify.

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